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Premo Lead Rollling Tray Blunt Wrap

What makes us different ?

Our product is produced in small batches that allow for superior quality control and guarantee the delivery of the four pillars that drive this company.

Cured in monitored control rooms where temperature and humidity are maintained at optimal conditions 24/7 to ensure freshness.

Once cured, each leaf is carefully inspected by our QC team following our guidelines for the thickness and color that delivers our signature quality and taste.

Finally, once our product passes inspection it is sealed in our see before you buy packaging. From it's inception, Premo has aimed to deliver transparency which is reflected in our packaging design through our transparent logo. 

rolling in luxury.

Tailored for the exotic smoker —  Premo, a premium rolling tobacco leaf company from the culture for the blunt aficionado. 

What makes us different?
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