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Premo 5-Leaves Pack

Premo 5-Leaves Pack


After many requests and careful consideration, we have decided to discontinue the 3-packs and replace it with the 5-leaves pack. You can now enjoy even more premo's at an overall lower price per leaf!


Our gutless Premo 3-Pack is the ideal option for an exotic smoker who enjoys a quality blunt wrap. With "5 leaves. 10 rolls." each Premo leaf can be split perfectly down the middle, exactly where you'll find the stem each and every time. This allows you to roll twice with just one leaf, depending on your lung capacity of course. 


Our secret to producing top quality blunt wraps is that our focus is stictly on the leaf. Cut and packaged by hand, each batch is a work of smoking art — meeting the same quality standards as the finest Cuban cigars on the market. 










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