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Premo LighTorch - Windproof Refillable Lighter

Premo LighTorch - Windproof Refillable Lighter


Is it a lighter? Is it a torch? Well, it's neither and it's both at the same damn time. This is one bad ass LighTorch, perfect for lighting blunts indoors and/or outdoors.


Now you can burn without inhaling harmful lighter fluid to spark one up!  We found that this torch lighter takes the cake in overall performace and convinience so we decided just added on the aesthetics to make it a complete package.

  • About this item

    • Features: Compact pocket size ideal for on the go activities, indoor and outdoors. Easy strike with an instant windproof jet flame making it the perfect lighter for everyday use . Portable to use in every occasion, every holiday season and celebration. Refillable butane tank for maximum usage and slip guard rubber finish for maximum grip and comfort.
    • Fuel:  With it's refillable butane tank, all you need to do is give it 2-3 pumps held at about 2-3 seconds each and you are ready to go.
    • Flame: Electric Spark, windproof Jet flame lighter, reliable for all indoor and outdoor settings such as camping, BBQ, and all your lighting needs.
    • Safety/Quality: This lighters are designed and manufactured with highest industry quality standards. Its compact and modern body design gives a comfortable feel while handling it. Slip guard technology for maximum grip and comfort. All lighters will be shipped on Clear Tamper Proof Packaging ensuring a safe transit from our warehouse to your hands. Safety is our number one priority. Please use with Caution.
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